Roof Repair Pop Up Camper

by Admin on June 27, 2009

roof repair pop up camper
How can I replace the ceiling in my pop up camper?

I have a 1986 Star Craft pop up. We have repaired the roof, so it no longer leaks;but the inside roof needs total replacement. Right now, we are in the process of ripping out the foam. What is the best way to repair the ceiling so we can enjoy the camper this summer? We were told it only had a ‘pin hole’ in the roof but it was fixed when we bought it last fall. Needless to say when we put it up we had quite a surprise & we have been quite busy cleaning…. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
The roof was repaired with a tape & some sort of ‘gunk’ made for campers. Now that we have removed some of the foam, we can see that what we did on the roof did not leak. We think however the seam may be the problem. The foam we are removing is soaked and molded. The guy we bought it from clearly was not honest with us.

The main problem is removing the existing ceiling without damaging the framing.
IF the ceiling is THAT bad, be sure that the framing is not also water damaged before replacing ceiling.
HOW was the leak repaired?
They are built with the roof covering being the LAST part installed.

Be sure that there are NO OTHER roof leaks while you have access. (A small “pinhole” leak would take quite a length of time to do much damage.)
A light, shined at the roof, from inside, at night, while checking the outside, should help in checking for leaks.

Hope this helps.

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